Q1. What is the validity period of 20 meals pack?
20 meals subscription is valid for 45 days, giving you the flexibility of cancellations as per your convenience.

Q2. If i don't want tiffin on a particular day, Can i cancel it?
Yes, cancellation can be made a day prior before 5 pm via sms only.

Q3. How can i make the payment?
Payments are to be done in advance before the start of the service. To know more about the mode of payment click on the link

Q4. What are your delivery areas and by what time the Tiffin get delivered ?
Delivery shall be rendered in only those areas, which are serviced by Mumbai dabbawalas.Tiffin generally gets delivered at around 1 P.M.

Q5. Do you serve dinner also?
As of now we provide lunch service only.

Q6. Incase one wants to discontinue with the service in between, so what is the refund policy?
The pending Tiffin amount is refunded to the customer in 2 weeks time by cheque
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