Why Us
Diet getting in way of that perfect body?
All that sweating out and running on the treadmill amounts for nothing each time you dig into the deep fried, oily office dabba or indulge a little more than needed while snacking in between meals or at a party.

Your dietician disapproves and the loved one's disappointed. Your ever-expanding waistline's not helping, either. Besides, when it comes to unhealthy food habits, there's more harm to it than meets the eye.

Sticking to a healthy diet is not easy, and if it means breaking some rules at the cost of starving yourself, so be it?

Here, at Dial-a-diet, we understand!

And that's why we ensure that you never have to compromise on your health or stay hungry to avoid an unhealthy meal, regardless of where you are. With our team whipping up some of the tastiest healthy food there is, sticking to your diet has never been more rewarding.

Juggling a hundred memos and preparing for that important meeting post lunch? Our innovative packaging in disposable containers is seal packed and microwave friendly so that you can lunch hassle-free. And just to show you how much we care, we follow a 'no-repeats on the menu for the next two weeks' policy.

Variety is the spice of life, right?

What's more, with our unique 'diet-counters' services, we will serve you the very best of diet food at corporate canteens, events, marriages and other such functions so you continue eating healthy at all times.

So dig in guilt-free the next time you're at a wedding, office party or during your office lunch hours.

Bon appetit!

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